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Honley clocks up 173 miles to gallon

We all want to do our bit to save fuel.

But motorcycle man Jason Lodge has taken things to the extreme.

He completed a 520-mile bike ride on a motorcycle he helped design – and it cost him just £19 in petrol.

His staggering ride from Huddersfield to John O’Groats was achieved on just one tank of fuel and there was even enough left over to full up a pint glass.

Mind you, Jason was very careful with his riding, tackling much of the route at a sedate 30mph.

“It was the longest 18 hours I have travelled in my life and at less than 30mph it was the slowest, too.

“But it proved the bike can do a crazy 173 miles per gallon”.

The bike in question was a Honley 125, which Jason and his colleagues at Earnshaws Motorcycles helped design. He is the firm’s managing director and has ridden motorcycles for many of his 52 years

Named the Honley HD1 and Honley HD2, the 125cc four stroke machines have been developed in China at the personal request of the Lodge family who run the long established business, one of the leading motorcycle dealerships in West Yorkshire.

Jason named the two machines Honley after the village where he lives.

The idea of the petrol-miser run came, like so many other zany ideas, over a pint or two in his local pub with pal Rob Wood.

“We were talking about just how economical the bikes are and both agreed it took forever to empty a full tank.

“One thing led to another and the next I knew I had filled a bike with three gallons and was setting off on the 520 miles to John O’Groats.

“The first leg to Keighley seemed so slow and it was obviously going to be a long day.

“I tried speeding up a little bit to 45-50mph but noticed the fuel was going down so slowed back down again.

“It was a route off the motorways and luckily the weather was fine.

“It took an age to get to Inverness and there was a sign saying John O’Groats 120 miles.

“Thirty miles from the destination, the Honley spluttered to a halt so I knew I had only the reserve tank left but it made it all the way, with some to spare”.

Jason said the bikes, which are made in China, are proving very popular with people of all ages.

“A lot are going to youngsters who cannot afford car insurance while others are being snapped up by people who want something more economical to get around on.

“We are even getting bikers wanting to downsize. They are a great little bike – but I don’t think I’ll be doing such a run again soon”.

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