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While the Online Store is under construction please feel free to call the shop as some parts may not have prices on yet. If you have any inquires please feel free to call 01484421232.

Honley Hd1 Stand and Foot Rest

  • Available Parts:1-Main Stand/2B9–F7111–01
    2-Main Stand Shaft/5VL–F7112–11
    3-Main Stand Link/5VL–F7115–01
    4-Tension Spring/90506–32800
    5-Brake Pedal/3D9–F7211–00
    6-Torsion Spring/90508–40801
    7-Brake Rod/5VL–F7231–01
    13-FootRest 1/2B9–F7411–00
    14-Hose Joint/5VL–H2109–00
    15-FootRest Cover/5VL–F7413–00
    16-Flange Bolt/95812–08020
    17-Side Stand/2B9–F7311–00
    18-Tension Spring/90506–29800
    21-FootRest Bracket 1/5VL–F7452–00
    22-FootRest Bracket 2/3D9–F7462–00
    24-Rear FootRest 1/5VL–F7430–01
    27-Rear FootRest 2/5VL–F7440–01
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