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While the Online Store is under construction please feel free to call the shop as some parts may not have prices on yet. If you have any inquires please feel free to call 01484421232.

Honley HD1 Rear Arm & Suspension

  • parts available: 1-Rear Arm/5VL–F2110–00–33
    7-Pivot Shaft/5VL–F2141–01
    8-Self Locking Nut/95602–12200
    9-Plate Washer/90201–12819
    10-Gaurd Seal/5VL–F2151–10
    11-Chain Case/5VL–F2311–00
    12-Screw with Washer/90159–06830
    13-Rear Shock Absorber/5VL–F2210–01
    14-Plate Washer/90201–108C7
    15-Crown Nut/90176–10810
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